10 Homebrewers you should be following on Instagram

As an avid homebrewer, I am always looking for ways to learn new things. If I'm looking for some inspiration, or just to kill a little time with some beer porn, my favourite way has to be via Instagram.

On this journey of learning, I have come across many great homebrewers, but I wanted to put together a list of some of the people that inspire me on Instagram and share it with you. In no particular order, here are 10 of my favourite homebrewers. I hope you enjoy!

Gustav Lindh (@lindhcraftbeer)

Gustav has a cracking blog that showcases his home brewing and some of his awesome equipment. His blog is in Swedish, but for an English speaker like myself, Google Chrome did a great job of translating his blog for me!

Short Circuited Brewers (@shortcircuitedbrewer)

If you are into electric brewing, then this is the account to follow. I first stumbled on this account by watching one of the very informative videos on Youtube and have been hooked ever since. I highly recommend watching these homebrewing videos.

Joshua Miller (@j0shuamiller)

Joshua's bio on his Instagram doesn't give away too much, but this account is packed with juicy homebrewing gear. I can only dream of a homebrewing kit that looks like this - look at that Ss Brewtech gear!

Sandra Lööv (@swedishbrewlady)

Sandra is a busy lady! She is the Head of craft beer at drycks.se, Brand manager at Malt Magnus, runs her own podcast and seems involved in pretty much anything beer related! It's always a pleasure watching her homebrewing videos.

Skjeggbryggeriet (@skjeggbryggeriet)

Directly translated to English from Norwegian, 'Skjeggbryggeriet' means beard brewery (at least that's what Google says). This Instagram account doesn't give away much in the form of a bio, but I like to think that the pictures do the talking.

The Pilot Beer (@thepilotbeer)

The Pilot Beer Co is a nano brewery based out of Milan, Italy and it seems as if these guys are always brewing. I love seeing the progression of beers from kettle to fermentor and finally bottle. What more could you ask of from a homebrewing account!?

Brulosophy (@brulosophy)

If you aren't already following the Brulosophy blog - you should be! While their Instagram account isn't as packed with loads of homebrewing photos as their blog is, it's always good to see the people behind the articles. Not to mention that they seem like a bunch of funny dudes!

Sayko Brew Co (@sayko_brew_co)

Sayko Brew Co is a homebrewer hailing from Morrisville, Pennsylvania. His indoor brewery is a thing of pure beauty and I love to see the different brews being made. This homebrewing account is definitely worth a follow.

@brixcitybrewing #nationalipaday

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Homebrew Fanatics (@homebrew.fanatics)

Unless I am mistaken, this Instagram account seems to be the one with the most followers. Homebrew Fanatics is a homebrewing community that is packed with Q&A, polls and recipes. If you aren't following them, then you should be!

Khris Lloyd (@hellokhris)

Last but not least is..Khris Lloyd. Khris started out as a homebrewer, and is now a professional brewer. I really like the way his Instagram posts are packed with useful information and are backed by science. If you want to follow him on his journey, then check out this account.

Let's get this party started. #itsabrewday

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If I've learnt anything about homebrewing, it's that it is definitely a hobby for everyone. I love learning from the many different men and women around the world and sharing their passion for brewing beer!