Brewing Malt Substitution List

As a homebrewer, I am always looking for new recipes and ingredients to add to my brews. I often come across recipes online (or in magazines) that are from US based homebrewers. In Europe, some of the malts in my local homebrew store don't always match up with these recipes and I often look for substitutions. I came across this chart and thought I would cross-post it and make some of my own adjustments for future reference. It is a useful source of information and would be a shame to get lost in the archives of the internet over time.

Briess Pauls Thomas Fawcett Weyerman Baird Crisp
2 row Pale Pilsen Lager Pilsner - Europils, German Pils Malt
Pale Ale Pale Ale Maris Otter, Golden Promise Pale Ale Pale Ale Pale Ale, Clear Choice Malt
Ashburne Mild Ale - Vienna - Vienna
Bolander Munich - Munich I - Light Munich
Vienna Vienna Vienna Vienna Vienna Vienna
Munich 10 Munich - Munich II Munich Dark Munich
Dextrine - - Carapils - Carapils
Victory Amber Amber Melanoidin - Amber Malt, Biscuit Malt
Crystal 10 Caramalt Caramalt CaraHell, CaraBelge Light Carastan Cara Malt
Crystal 20 - - CaraRed - -
Crystal 30 - Pale Crystal Malt CaraMunich I, CaraAmber Carastan -
Crystal 40 Light Crystal Crystal Malt (40 – 50) CaraMunich II - Extra Light Crystal
Crystal 60 Medium Crystal Crystal Malt II (60 – 70) CaraMunich III - Crystal 150
Crystal 80 Dark Crystal Dark Crystal (85 – 95) - Crystal Malt -
Crystal 90 Dark Crystal - - - -
Crystal 120 - Dark Crystal II (118 -124) CaraAroma, Special W Dark Crystal Crystal 400
Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Carafa II Chocolate Chocolate
Black Patent Black Malt Black Malt Carafa III Black Malt Black Malt

I hope you found this brewing malt substitution list useful! If you have any additions or updates, please let me know.